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This old stone was brought from the center of Prospect early in 1899 by a group of Cheshire young men to serve as a "Stepping Stone" for those attending the church which then stood on the east edge of the present green.
In the early 1800's, the Farmington Canal was built between Northampton and New haven; Irish immigrants dug the canal by hand. The Canal locks controlled the flow of the water to compensate for the slope of the land. Farmers living nearby would an…
The Medal of Honor Plaza and "Living Classroom" Dedicated May 26, 1996 Alfred C. Adinolfi, U.S. Air Force, Chairman and Town CouncilmanS. Kenneth Baril, U.S. Army · Harold Mosher, U.S. Army · John White, U.S. Navy · Henry E…
Honoring Our Veterans1754 French and Indian War 1763Reuben Hitchcock · Edward Parker · Ephraim Parker 1775 Revolutionary War 1783Asa Bellamy · Justus Bellamy · Reuben Bellamy · Silas Bellamy · Asa Brons…
To Commemorate the Service ofAll thePatriotic Men of CheshireWho ServedIn the American Revolution1775 - 1783 Placed byLady Fenwick Chapter No. 48Daughters of the American RevolutionAnd the Town of Cheshire1965
On This Tablet Are InscribedThe Honored NamesOf the Men of CheshireWho Went ForthTo Fight in the Great WarFor Humanity and Justice1917 - 1919Wilbur W. Adkins · Richard H. Atwood · Earle W. Barnes · George S. Barton · Wi…
The First ChurchOf CheshireCongregationalSecond Meeting HouseOn This Site1737 —- 1826Marker PlacedMay 1991
[South face]Lincoln[North face]Foote[ Admiral Andrew Hull Foote ] [East plaque]Erected to TheMemory of Those WhoEnlisted From TheTown of Cheshire inThe Civil War 1861 - 1865Capt. Timothy GuilfordLieut. William J BassettLieut. Elkanah DoolittleL…
Settled in 1695 as Wallingford "West Farms", this area obtained status as the village of New Cheshire in 1723. It was incorporated as a town in 1780. Cheshire became famous for its agricultural productivity and light manufacturing. Copper was mine…