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First Baptist ChurchOrganized Oct. 7, 1786This BuildingErected1848
To The Memory OfOur Fellow CitizensWho DiedIn Defense of the Government. 1861 - 65Erected ? ? 1873[ battle names on the column ] Antietam · Gettysburg · Vicksburg · Fort Fisher · Appomattox · Atlanta · New…
The ghost town of Ward, in the foothills of the Egan Range, lies some eight miles west of here. Booming from 1876 until 1882, with a peak population of 1,500, Ward was somewhat of a lawless mining camp. Early killings did occur, but justice was me…
1775 — 1976 This Monument Is PlacedOn This Green By TheMembers Of TheSilver City DetachmentMarine Corps LeagueOf Meriden In The Year1976, To Honor AllU. S. Marines On The201st AnniversaryOf The Marine Corps Semper Fidelis
Abraham LincolnIn Search of the Nomination for thePresidency Addressed a Rally in theTown Hall of Meriden - March 7, 1860 " - and that government of the people,by the people and for the people,Shal not perish from the earth."In Memory of the Civi…
In MemoriamU.S.S. MaineDestroyed in Havana HarborFebruary 15, 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine
[ west side left panel ] Abel, Arnold T. · Abrams, Charles E. · Adams, Armand E. · Adams, Harry P. · Adams, Joseph · Adaszkiewicz, Ignatius · Affeldt, Albert A. · Affeldt, John E. · Affeldt, …
City of Meriden World War II Roll of Honor [ The memorial consists of twelve bronze tablets. 5,280 names are listed. A small plaque labeled "Omissions" lists 102 additional names. ] [ The 144 names listed below have a star indicating they did …
Cristoforo Colombo 1492 ? 500 ? 1992 "In search for a better tomorrow, we must discover today." Presented tothe people of Meriden, Connecticut by Unison Club October 12th, 1992
Center Congregational Church The Oldest Meeting House In Meriden, Conn. Dedicated June 16, 1831