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In Honor Of Those Who Served During The Korean War From The Greater New Haven Area 25 June 1950   27 July 1953 Forgotten War Forgotten No More Freedom Is Not Free
In Recogition Of Their Service In The War Against Terrorism 1st Battalion 102d Infantry Serving the New Haven area since 1638 These gave their lives defending our freedom May God bless them Sgt Felix Delgreco, 9 April 2004 Spc Robert Hoyt, 1…
MIA - POW Robert E Bush · John T Gallagher · Francis J McGouldrick KIA Everett L Anderson · William M Meglio Jr · Henry L Whaley · John H Raber · Pierce I Robertson · Gary C Richard…
Dedicated to All Men and Women Wounded in All Our Wars Combat Wounded Veterans Military Order of the Purple Heart 1782   1932 My stone is red for the blood they shed. The medal I bear is my country's way to show they care. If I could be see…
1959     1975 This memorial is dedicated in honor of the men and women who served during the Vietnam War From the surrounding cities and towns: New Haven, East Haven, West Haven, North Haven, Handen, Orange, Woodbridge
The original Hillhouse Avenue Bridge was one of fourteen bridges provided by the Farmington Canal Company to carry city streets across the canal. The wooden bridge at this site rested on abutments of unmortared rubble. The New Haven construction f…
Ashmun First Colonial AgentatLiberia, Africa[ east side ]Born at Champlain, N.Y. Ap. 21, 1794Landed in Africa, Aug. 8, 1822Died at N.H. Aug. 25, 1828[ north side ]Erected by the Am. Colon. Soc.1829
Nathan SmithBorn inWoodbury, Conn. 1770DiedAt Washington D.C.Dec. 6, 1835Senatorof theUnited StatesFrom ConnecticutAn Eminent CitizenA Sound StatesmanAn Eloquent Advocate[ east side ] Sarah McCrackanwife ofNathan SmithDiedNov. 8, 1849Aged 73A wife…
Roger Sherman BaldwinBorn Jan 4, 1793Died Feb. 19, 1863Graduated at Yale Collegein 1811Admitted to the Barin this city in 1814Senator of the Statein 1837 & 1838Representativein the General Assemblyin 1840 & 1841Governor of Connecticutin 1844 & 184…
In Memory OfTheodore Dwight WoolseyTenth President of Yale College[ south side ]Born in New YorkOctober 31, 1801Professor of GreekIn Yale College1831 -1851President 1846 - 1871Died in New HavenJuly 1, 1889[ east side ]Sarah Sears Prichardwidow ofT…