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The Old Burying GroundAt Byram ShoreIs Recognized ForIts Historic Importance ByThe Historical Society Of the Town of GreenwichandThe Byram Garden ClubMay 1999Greenwich Landmark
In Memoriam Dedicated To TheHonor And SacrificeOf The Men And WomenOf Byram Who ServedIn The Armed Forces InDefense Of Our Country Erected by the People of Byram 1953
This Marks The SpotWhere On February 26, 1779General Israel Putnam, Cut Off From His Soldiers AndPursued By British Cavalry, Galloped Down This Rocky SteepAnd Escaped, Daring To Lead Where NotOne Of Many Hundred Foes Dared To Follow.Erected By The…
Putnam CottageFrom Here George. PutnamEscaped the BritishBy His Famous RideDown "Put's Hill"
George Washington Paused here on the Post Road near this church, on October 16, 1789 and afterward wrote in his diary, "the superb landscape which is to be seen from the meeting house is a rich regalia". In Commemoration Of this historic incid…
[ south side ] In Honor ofThe Men and WomenOf GreenwichWho Served InThe World War [ east side ] In Memory OfThose Who DiedAnd an InspirationTo All Who Follow [ west side ] Second BattleOf The MarneNorth SeaSt. MihielYpres LysMeuse ArgonneVerdun
[ front ] Bolling[ back ] Raynal C. BollingBorn September 1, 1877Foresaw His Nation's Call to ArmsAnd Left a Brilliant CareerTo Prepare Himself for ServiceIn the World WarColonel of AviationAmerican Expeditionary ForcesHe Laid the FoundationFor Ou…
In Reverent MemoryOf Those Men From TheTown of GreenwichWho Made TheSupreme SacrificeWorld War II KoreaVietnam[ flagpole base in front ] World War IIAdams, John P. Jr. · Anderson, Leslie B. · Arthur, Chester H. · Aten, Courten…
Greenwich. To her loyal sons who fought for the Union, 1861-1865.
In memory of the courageous men who founded the first settlement ofthe Town of Greenwichin the Connecticut ColonyJuly 18-1640Everardus Bogardus · John Bowers · Robert Feaks · Jeffre Ferris · Angell Husted · Rober…