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On June 7, 1780 about 5000British and Hessiantroops invadedConnecticut Farms (nowUnion Township). Theystopped at GovernorLivingston's homelocated at this site.
The First PresbyterianChurch of ConnecticutFarms was built in 1730and burned to the groundon June 7, 1780 by theBritish and Hessian army.Reverend James Caldwellwas minister.
On June 8, 1780 GeneralGeorge Washingtonestablished Headquartersat this site inConnecticut Farms (nowUnion Township) after theBritish and Hessianarmy's retreat of June 7.
Near this spotstood the parsonage in whichHannah Ogdenwife of Rev. James Caldwellwas killed by a British soldier,June 7,1780. Erected bythe State of New JerseyA.D. 1905
Site of Parsonage used byJames Caldwell family.Burned by British in 1780.Mrs. Caldwell was killedby a British soldier. (Lower Marker: )Reverend James Caldwelland his wife Hannahmoved to this siteafter his church inElizabethtown was burnedby the…
In honor of the American soldiers who lost their livesin defense of our newly formed nation at theBattle of Connecticut Farms7 June 1780 We dedicate this flagpole to all American Servicemen and Womenwho served their country during the last 225 …
Here stood the Presbyterian Church and here was fought the battle, June 7, 1780, between American forces under General Maxwell and Colonel Dayton and the British army on its advance to Springfield. The church and village were burned by the British…