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National Register LandmarkInclined PlaneNo. 5 WestNearby informational marker (see photo #2):Main Street canal store sits on the N.W. bank of the canal. Reputedly built by Moore Furan in 1836. Notice the loft openings (center bldg.) with batten do…
Dedicated in honor of the sacrifices made by the men and women of Mansfield Township who served in the armed services on the United States in all wars.
East facade:MCMXIV The Glorious DeadWest facade:MCMXXXIX 1950 - 1953Bronze plaque on West facade:In honour of those who died in war and conflict Erected 1934 by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) Rededicated 1999 by the …
Founded theMt. BETHEL METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCHin an old log church on this siteFRIDAY MAY 10, 1811.On Thursday May 9, 1811 Bishop Asbury stayed at Halls Mill (now Asbury) with Col. William McCullough. He preached there in the barn. Then on Frida…
The only bridge of this design in Hunterdon County. It spans the Musconetcong River and joins Hunterdonto Warren County. Also known as Wydner Farm Bridge
Settled in the 18th century as an agricultural community.Est. 1731 Inc. 17981798 Bicentenial 1998