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Top Plaque1917 - 1919Erected in memory of the Boys of Bernrads Township who gave their lives in the World War.James Kilday · Arthur A. Card · Russull W. Mullen · Robert E. Pope · William Neill · Francis Bergen &m…
To the glory of God and in memory of the departed members of the Bernardsville Fire Company.
Whether you call the mansion before you "Queen Anne Farm" as the Bensels did, or Hardscrabble House as the Cross Family renamed it, the estate served as an escape from everyday life. John A. and Ella Bensel built the house in 1905, and William …
Blizzards, extreme cold, lack of food and medical care — All endured by the New Jersey Brigade in the winter of 1779-80 while it camped here and watched British movements in New York.
RHIP - Rank Hath Its Privileges - bigger huts, more privacy, two fireplaces - the normal social distinctions of the day. But officers and men worked together to build the huts and the soldiers' huts were built first. Some officers were still in…
Even in times of severest want, there are trash pits. What else can you do with the occasional bone? Or the inevitable broken oddments? Wreckage of a chicken or a beef, a pipe or a musket? Archeologists removed everything - a meager collection.…
In 1779 soldiers of the New Jersey Brigade built this hearth. Archeologists stabilized it and removed the other artifacts found here for protection. The hearth provided the hut's only comfort: a warm fire. Food ran out. Many men had no shoes an…
Morristown National Historical Park commemorates the suffering and devotion of Washington's army during the severest winter of the Revolution when these woods gave shelter, fuel, and water - but precious little else. That winter of bitter cold,…
New Jersey soldiers enlisted early in the Revolution and fought through to the end. The war took them to Canada in the beginning and Yorktown at the end, but most of their service was nearer home. The brigade camped here during the winter of 17…
By this routeWashingtonwith his armyretired to Morristownafter his victoryat PrincetonJanuary - 1777———————Erected by theD-A-R