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In a marl pit on the John E. Hopkins farm in October 1858, the world's first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton was unearthed by William Parker Foulke. The find was adjacent to this point. This was also the first dinosaur skeleton to ever be mounte…
Oct. 21, 1777, Col. Von Donop camped here before the Battle of Red Bank. Gen. Wayne and Col. Ellis foraged nearby in Feb., 1778, but left on the approach of Maj. Simcoe. June, 1778, the British under Clinton and Knyphausen camped here en route to …
This street waslaid and surveyedin 1681 by order ofthe representativeof the King ofEngland andcalledYe KingsHighway
This Housebuilt in colonial timeswas used during theRevolutionary War as aGuard Housefor persons suspected of aidingthe British causeand brought for trial beforeThe Council of Safetythen meeting in theIndian King
Within this building then a tavern-house, the Council of Safety for New Jersey was organized March 18th 1777. ? Herein also, in September of the same year the Legislature unanimously resolved that thereafter the word "state" should be substituted …