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The Edward Sharp House has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Licensed in 1688, it carried New Jersey products to Philadelphia. Terminus for stage lines in 1751, for railroads in 1834 and 1854
Beginning in the 1620s European settlers of Dutch, Swedish and English origin arrived along the Delaware River in the vicinity of present-day Camden, and by the 1670s English Quakers had established permanent homesteads throughout the region. One …
In this easterly portion of Franklin Square between the years 1741-1835 many faithful members and five beloved pastors of Old First Reformed Church, United Church of Christ, were buried. While a number of the graves were moved when the City of Phi…
When the campbell Kids were created in 1904 for a Campbell Soup Company ad campaign, little did anyone realize what enduring icons the fresh-faced, roly-poly characters would become. The Campbell Kids first appeared with cans of soup and verses…
The revitalization of this historic landmark symbolizes the rebirth of Camden on its 175th Anniversary. RCA Victor Building #17, completed in 1916, was widely known as the "Nipper Building" after the company's Nipper the Dog logo. It became the si…