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Erected to commemorate that noble spirit of justice displayed by Gen. George Washington after his capture of Trenton in December 1776, in returning to both Whig and Tory alike their personal effects, of which they had been ruthlessly plundered by …
Built in 1758 for British troops of the French and Indian War. Hessians were quartered here before the Battle of Trenton.
Built on Mill Hill. 1839. Named for General Hugh Mercer who fought at Trenton and died in the Battle of Princeton, 1777. Goodyear vs. Day patent case tried here in 1852. Daniel Webster won for Goodyear. The result was a great impetus to local rubb…
Built about 1815. An inn 1826-1857. "The Daily True American" published by the Naar family 1857-1872. Subsequently housed various industrial and commercial activities.
On this site, late in the afternoon of January 2, 1777, General Washington's "Little Band" of determined men and boys won the Second Battle of Trenton. Having amassed a great concentration of artillery and small-arms power, the Americans withstood…
Trenton's first industry. Built near here in 1679. Heirs sold mill and 800 acres to William Trent after 1704. He replaced it with a larger mill which continued under successive owners until 1828. Later converted to a cotton, and then to a paper mi…
At the bridge over the Assunpink Creek on April 21, 1789, the citizens of Trenton honored George Washington as he passed through a triumphal arch on his way to New York City to be inaugurated President of the United States.
Mill Hill is named because it overlooks the site of the grist mill built along the Assunpink Creek in 1679 by Mahlon Stacy, Trenton's first settler. On January 2, 1777, the Second Battle of Trenton was fought on the creek banks, and General Was…
? ? ? On this site in 1896, was played the first professional basketball game. Fred Cooper, captain of the Trentons, had arranged for the rental of Masonic Temple Hall, after rent was paid, he distributed the remaining money among the players with…
Colonel Rallwas entertained onChristmas night 1776in the houseowned byAbraham Huntwhich stoodon this spot.