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This old Spanish fort began as eleven guns behind a crude parapet of logs overlooking the anchorage of Monterey Bay in 1972. The battery was strengthen and enlarged over the years and served as the principal fort in Monterey for both the Spanish a…
Here, in 1755, stood the first store in Frenchtown, then known as Alexandriaville. In 1869, this building and the house to the left were built in the Italianate style for the merchant Oliver Worman. After Worman failed, in 1877, Hugh Warford bough…
In 1778 the Continental Congress moved 4,916 British and German troops captured at Saratoga, south from Boston along today's Route 513, crossing the Delaware at Sherrard's Ferry (Frenchtown). Many escaped along the way but 3,600 reached Virginia, …
Lenape tribes used this abundant Hunterdon mineral for spearpoints and tools. One of their trade routes followed the River Road (now Rte. 29) southwards toward Sanhican (Trenton).
Once Charlestown and Larisonville; renamed by 1859 after early resident. An 1823 tavern, blacksmith shop & several stores formed the town's business core.
To honor our Veterans and those who have served our country protecting our rights and keeping us free.
To honor those who fought to preserve our freedoms, the Citizens of Frenchtown dedicate these memorials to our valiant dead. Let us also dedicate them to the living ... and to the promise of the future.
Dedicated to the Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers whose sacrifice will forever shape the course of history.Dedicated by Eagle Scout Chris Wozniak, 2008
TopTown takes its name from the many French families that followed Paul Henri Mallet-Prevost, a Swiss refugee from the French Revolution who moved here in 1794.BottomCalled "Sunbeam" in 1759. Later Sherrard's Ferry. Present name for Prevost family…
A log tavern on this site ca. 1764 offered shelter to travellers on the King's Hwy. Later tavern ca. 1790 known for years as Johnson's.