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55' Flag Pole donated to the City of New York by the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York on behalf of the Greek American community, in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of Greek Independence, and the 100th Anniversary of the Mo…
First Italian settlerlanded in N.Y. June 2, 1635 Through the efforts ofJohn N. LaCorte founder ofthe Italian Historical Societyof AmericaJune 2, has been proclaimed "Alberti Day" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A. Ottavino
Near this site in 1707 Francis Makemie, a native of Ireland and Father of American Presbyterianism, challenged the edict of Lord Cornbury, Governor of the colony, forbidding him from preaching here. The services he conducted in William Jackson's h…
This 1960s American office building has been ripped apart and rewired with a 21st-century communications infrastructure that can instantly connect its tenants with sites around the world. Famous in the 1980s as the high finance offices of investme…
In August 1776 island cannons were a key factor in keeping the British Navy out of the East River, allowing General Washington's army to escape to Manhattan and fight another day. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
This stone from the mine that produced the copper in the Statue of Liberty was brought with the sailing ship "Sorlandet" as a gift to the United States of America from the citizens of Karmov, Norway.July 4, 1986
On this siteWilliam BradfordappointedPublic PrinterApril 10th A.D. 1693established the firstprinting pressin theColony of New York. Erected by theNew YorkHistorical SocietyApril 10th A.D. 1893in commemoration ofthe 200th Anniversaryof the intro…
The Cunard Line, which first opened a New York office in 1848, occupied this building on its completion in 1921. Benjamin W. Morris was the architect, and Thomas Hastings served as consultant in the design of the Great Hall, inspired by Roman and …
Under construction from 1920 to 1928, the corporate headquarters for John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company was built on one of the largest parcels assembled in Manhattan at the time. The architectural firm of Carrere & Hastings, along with Sh…
On November 25, 1783, at 1PM, the last British flag still flying in the newly Independent American colonies, near this site at Fort George, was removed by John Van Arsdale, who climbed the flag pole which had been greased by the British, removed t…
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