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Thomas C. LevalleyU.S.S.S. YankeeThomas H. FitzgeraldSamuel J. WaltonCo. C 71st N.Y. Vols.Charles W. VailCo. E 6th U.S. Art.Louis IseneggerCorp. Co. C 3rd U.S. Cav. "Made way for Liberty and died"
This flagpole is dedicated to the volunteers and staff of the American Red Cross in Westchester County who have served members of our Armed Forces since the Spanish American War in 1898.These dedicated people have demonstrated Red Cross' caring an…
The center of Washington's Army was located here from Oct. 28 to Oct 31 1776 during the operations around White Plains.Erected by Act of Congress ? May 18, 1926 [ Upper Marker : ]This mortar and this remnant of the revolutionary entrenchments o…
Joseph T. Miller 1903 - 1975 Town Clerk of North Castle 1940 - 1975 This park is set aside in his memory in tribute to his many years of devoted loving service to the citizens of this town
Dedicated to the Heroic Men and Women Of North White Plains in the Town of North Castle, New York Who Served Their Country in World War II And in Loving Memory of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice. Abele, Jacob · Ackerly, Charles Jr.…