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Erected byThe Citizens of the Town ofStony PointIn Grateful Appreciation of the NobleSacrifice of These Sons Who Gave Their Livesand in Recognition of Those Who Foughtin the1917 - World War - 1919 Erected in Memory ofThose Who Served and Diedin W…
Washington led his armyfrom Kings Ferry to thisspot at which they dividedto march south and westU.S. Bicentennial
On December 1, 1974 a Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 727 flying between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Buffalo, NY, encountered atmospheric icing and crashed on this site. Flight 6231 was operating a ferry flight, having been chartere…
At Joshua Hett Smith's home here, Sept. 22, 1780 Benedict Arnold betrayed the plans of West Point to British spy Maj. Andre.Historical Soc. Rockland County
WW I ? 1917 - 1918In Flanders FieldLoved and Were LovedAnd Now We Lie InFlanders FieldBy John McCreaThe War to End All WarsPresident Woodrow Wilson WW II ? 1941 - 1945Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th 1941A Day That Will Live In InfamyWe Will PrevailPresi…
The Charles R. Lewis VFW PostIs ProudTo Honor All the Victims WhoPerished on 9/11/01 in the WTCEspeciallyThe Five VictimsFrom Stony PointJanet AlonsoRobert McCarthyLuke NeeGerald O'LearyThomas SchoalesGod Bless ThemIn Heaven
On this site stood the walnuttree where under its branchesGen. George Washingtonpaid his troops.1779
1776 - 1976Dedicated to allveterans livingand dead of allAmerican warswho fought toensure this greatcountry's freedom
From the Revolutionarysoldier led by GeneralAnthony Waynein the Battle of Stony Pointand to all past warsthis cannon memorial isdedicated to all veteransliving and deceasedwho have fought bravelyto preserve ourindependence andeverlasting freedom …
On the night of July 15-16, 1779, Brigadier General Anthony Wayne of Pennsylvania led the American Light Infantry in a midnight assault against a British force that had occupied Stony Point. Approximately one hour later, the garrison had been capt…