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The South Battery, or Half-Moon Battery, was erected prior to the War of 1812, in concert with the construction of Castle Williams. A battery is a fortification equipped with artillery. This arrow-shaped fortification was built into the hillside o…
Named in memory ofColonel Bertram T. ClaytonHeadquarters, 1st DivisionKilled in action in FranceMay 30, 1918
Once known as Brick Row or Regimental Row and now as Colonels' Row, the group of eight brick houses in front of you was built by the Army between 1893 and 1917. Although all were built to standard Army plans, slight variations over the years have …
In 1902, Secretary of War Elihu Root asked the Prominent New York architectural firm of McKim, Meade & White to create a grand master plan for a new Army base on Governors Island. Part of Root's vision was the expansion of the Island using excavat…
Named in honor of the1st Division, U.S. ArmyMexican War * Spanish American WarPhilippine InsurrectionWorld War I * World War IIOccupation of Germany
in honor ofDennis E. NolanMajor GeneralCommander ofThe United States First ArmyGovernors Island, 1933-1936Dedicated August 10, 1956
Named in memory ofCaptain Willis E. Comfort, D.S.C.F Co. 16th InfantryKilled in action in FranceJuly 18, 1918
Named in memory ofCaptain Harry L. Kimmel, D.S.C.1st Battalion, 16th InfantryKilled in action in FranceOctober 18, 1916
This dock is named in honor ofthe First United States Army soldierswho landed in Normandyduring the invasion of Francein World War II Dedicated by First United States Army6 June 1964
To honor the memory ofGeneral of the ArmiesJohn J. Pershing First Commander of the United States First Armythis tree was planted onthe one hundredth anniversary of his birth13 September 1960