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Gaining considerable knowledge of Indian Affairs, his area of responsibility for administration reached from Hudson's Bay Canada to the Carolinas. From the Atlantic to as far west as any Indians were known. Appointed to deal with Indians, and bec…
In efforts to develop great land holdings, he surveyed and laid out the village of Johnstown, built the first public school, and after Tryon County was set off in 1772, ensured the location of the county seat here. Interested in learning, he was …
This is the only colonial period courthouse still in use in New York State. Tryon County was formed in March 1772 after much lobbying by Sir William Johnson. He donated most of the money needed to build a new courthouse designed by Samuel Fuller o…
Commemorating the first veterans of our nation who fell in the Battle of Johnstown one of the last battles of the American Revolution October 25, 1781
Site of First St John's Church (1760) erected by Sir William Johnson; first Church of England North of the Mohawk River
The History of Woman Suffrage in Four Volumes is the documentary masterpiece from 50 years of co-operative teamwork between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Both were outstanding leaders in the campaign for women's equal rights. Du…
1 mile to baronial home of Sir William Johnson erected 1762 open to visitors
Moved here about 1788. Lot formerly Sir WM Johnson's. Village called John's Town. Younglove home 1812-1926. D.A.R. Chapter House 1926
Dedicated to Veterans of All Wars
In memory of the soldiers and sailors of the Civil War who fighting not for themselves but for future generations. Saved the nation.