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For many years before and after the Revolution, the public business of the Town of Marbletown was transacted here.
As a memorialto those citizens of · Kingston · because of whose patriotismthe village was burnedby the British forcesunder the command ofMaj. Gen. John Vaughanon the 16th day of October · 1777 · ——&mdash…
Built circa 1790 by this regent, turnpike builder, Associate of Thomas Jefferson. His election to Congress 1797 - 1803 was celebrated by a grand illumination of this house 1798.
CITATION:       "Sergeant Dietz was a squad leader with Company A, 38th Armored Infantry Battalion, on 29 March 1945, when the task force to which his unit was attached encountered resistance in its advance on Kirchain, Germany. Between th…
May 15, 1664 Class ?95
Founded 1774 ? Erected on present site 1830Rebuilt 1883 Wm. M. Hayes · E. M. Brigham · W.E. Ostrandes · E.L. Westbrook · J.S.Burhans · Chas. Reynolds · H.D. Baldwin · Aug. Schepmoes · D.C.…
Lou, fond of saying, "Just Relax," had great concern for others. He often helped boaters in distress and could be seen retrieving broken-away docks. God saw fit to take him, but not before Lou had accomplished one more good and lasting deed. He in…
This bell, cast by the Meneely Bell Foundry in West Troy, New York, in 1861, came from the famous steamboat Mary Powell which operated on the Hudson River from 1861 to 1917. The Mary Powell ran between Rondout/Kingston and New York City and was kn…
? ? ? ? ? These two grooved sections of bluestone were once part of the "Stone Road" which was installed on the dirt roads that ran from the bluestone quarries in the Catskills, not far from Kingston, to the waterfront on the Rondout where the st…
This Bartlett pear tree commemorates the original tree planted by Thomas Chambers, who in 1652 settled in this vicinity, which later became known as Rondout and Kingston. Upon his death, he was buried under this tree with a simple bluestone slab t…