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Upper Bay RoadA one room school1805 - 1948Grades 1-8
Named for Tom Hammond a half breed Oneida Indian. A thriving settlement doing a large lumbering business at close of Revolution.
Near here was located the first permanent Masonic Lodge in Queensbury warrented 1804. Named for Alexander Hamilton.
The first burial here is believed to be John Jones, who was the first settler of the Town of Kingsbury to pass away here, 1772. There are veterans of the Revolutionary War and Civil War, buried in this cemetery.Maintained by the Town of Kingsbury.…
? ? ? ? ? Where the Hudson River runs eastward before turning south is a series of falls, an obstacle to navigation but also a source of power. These lay athwart the north-south trail between Albany and Montreal. The Queensbury Patent of 23,000 a…
? ? ? ? ? One of the most decisive battles in world history ended with the surrender near here of the British army invading from Canada under General "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne in 1777. The defeat ended a summer-long campaign by over 7,000 Briti…
Through this place passedGen. Henry Knoxin the winter of 1775-1776to deliver toGen. George Washingtonat Cambridgethe train of artilleryfrom Fort Ticonderogaused to force the BritishArmy to evacuate Boston Erected byThe State of New Yorkduring t…
So called because midway between Forts Edward and William Henry. From 1755 to 1780 it was the scene of many bloody skirmishes, surprises, and ambushes. Here the French and Indians inflicted two horrible massacres upon the English and Colonials, on…
Midway between Fort Edward and Fort George. On thissite about 1755 stooda blockhouse enclosedby a stockade.
Legendary place of Native Americanrendezvous and ambushesEnglish-French frontier boundrycolonial landmark and crossroads.