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Railway Bridge Piers. . The large stone piers located below in the Hudson River were placed there in 1837 for the construction of the Saratoga Whitehall Railroad. The bridge was not completed and the railroad stopped work due to the panic of 1838.…
A small fort was built near here in the 1750's, known as the Four Mile Post as it was four miles from Fort Edward.
Named for William Vaughn, who opened a store and tavern at the corners around 1800. Until the late 1830's a Post Office was located here. A masonic Lodge was held at the corners, starting in 1820, in the home of Salmasius Bardwell.
The first settler of this neighborhood was Oliver Colvin, who came here in 1766, and was the second pioneer of the Town of Kingsbury. At one time there were two churches, a school, Post Office, several taverns, hotels, stores, and mills located in…
This stone chair was placed a few yards from this spot in 1841. Who placed it here and why is unknown. However, it may have been a guide post for the Underground Railway. The drawings below were carved on the back of the chair.
Lake Champlain to Hudson River1609 - 1777
Marched through this hamlet in July 1777 to a camp site at the Jones farm 3 miles to the west of the park.
This monumentis presented byDr. Erskine G. Clarkto the Village ofSandy HillDedicated to the honor and patriotism of the soldiers of Washington County who served in our war to suppress the southern rebellion of 1861, waged against the life of the n…
Dedicatedin honor of thosewho served their countryduring World War IIfrom the Town of Kingsburyand the Village of Hudson Fallsand in reverent memoryof those who made thesupreme sacrifice that wethe living might remain free.December 7, 1941 ? ? ? S…
During his youth Silas Wright came to Sandy Hill, now Hudson Falls, to learn to be a lawyer, serving his clerkship in this small building. This was the law office of Hon. Henry C. Martindale, a judge of the Court of Common Pleas and a Member of Co…