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Lake George played an important role throughout the American Revolution as a transportation route, staging area and outpost. In December 1775, as some American troops were ferried north during their abortive invasion of Canada, Colonel Henry Knox'…
In September 1755, a Colonial army commanded by Major General William Johnson camped on this location in preparation for an advance against the French Fortress of St. Frederic at Crown Point on Lake Champlain. On September 8, a French force comman…
The original entrance to the fort was under this bastion. A road led to it from the vicinity of the old Railroad Station and Steamboat dock. About a quarter mile away, the rising hill of tall pines marks the site of the Battle of Lake George. This…
You are looking at the general area of the cemetery which encompassed most of the parking area and extended across Canada Street. Many soldiers died from wounds inflicted during battle, but most deaths were related to infection and disease. In 184…
This bastion suffered the heaviest damage from Montcalm's artillery. Here a howitzer shell landed on an ammunition box killing or wounding 16, including a "provincial Officer who was never heard of but part of his coat was found." Each night the a…
This was the flagstaff bastion. During the early days of the bombardment, a French projectile severed a pulley on one of the poles, causing the English flag to fall. One of the carpenters rushed to repair the damage, but as he climbed the pole, ha…
Through this place passedGen. Henry Knoxin the winter of 1775-1776to deliver toGen. George Washingtonat Cambridgethe train of artilleryfrom Fort Ticonderogaused to force the BritishArmy to evacuate Boston Erected byThe State of New Yorkduring t…
During the French and IndianWar, British and Procincialtroops used a dock nearhere for loading soldiers,artillery, and supplies.
At Battle of Lake Georgemany wounded soldiers andsome with smallpox werecruelly murdered by Indiansof Montcalm's Army.
In the State Park to the leftare the ruins of old Fort George.About here in 1755 the Frenchunder Baron Dieskau were defeatedby the British Colonials underSir William Johnson.