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This B-47 Strato-Jet Bomber stands as a lasting memorial to the valiant men who flew and supported B-47'S from March 21, 1956 to December 14, 1965, while they were assigned to Plattsburgh Air Force Base. This monument has been presented by the ci…
The role of the FB-111A, Strategic Air Command's premier penetrating bomber, spanned the last 20 years of the Cold War. This aircraft and the people in the 380th Bombardment Wing who flew, maintained and supported it, contributed to America's most…
The stately structures surrounding the parade oval are the facilities of Plattsburgh Barracks, an active U.S. Army Post until 1944. The original installation was built during 1893-97 on the site of a military outpost which was established during t…
Commemorates British and American Navy and troops who fought on land and lake Battle of Plattsburgh September 11, 1814
These replica cannon are similar to those used on American Commandant Thomas Macdonough's flagship Saratoga on September 11, 1814. The 24 pound round iron shot from the long-range, smooth bore, muzzle-loaded "24" was effective up to one-half mile.
Dedicated on 24 October 1933in memory of those stationed herewho gave their lives in WWI.The project was sponsoredby the Churchwomen's League For Patriotic Service. Costing $22,472.It was constructed ofweathered brick from a historicalstructure ne…
This is the flagpoleofPlattsburgh Barrackserectedby the Remarkable One-Armed Joe Forkey under the direction of Colonel Horace Jewett 21st Infantry Commandingthis flagpole was used from 1894 to 1964
We honor all those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq
Dedicated to all Veterans who served this great nation in her time of need from the battles of the Revolution to the present
Known as the Administration Building, this edifice stands at the apex of the parade ground and surrounding structures of Plattsburgh Barracks, an active U.S. Army post until 1944. It overlooks the site of the earthen fortification Fort Moreau whic…