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1917     1918 In Honor Of The Residents Of The Town Of Richland Who Served In The World War Earl D. Ames · Ashton W. Avery · Charles A. Balcon · Rolon C. Balcon · James B. Barnard · W. Taylor Barr…
County Of Oswego Pulaski Court House Dedicated In The Name Of H. Douglas Barclay New York State Senator 1965 - 1984
1775     1783 In Memory Of The Revolutionary Heroes Who Rest In Pulaski And Oswego County Remember Them For What They Dared And What They Did Placed By Ontario Chapter No. 638 D.A.R. Pulaski, N.Y. 1924
World War II Veterans Memorial In Memory Of Those Who Served Dedicated Memorial Day 1991
Korea Vietnam Veterans Memorial Remember Them Well Dedicated Memorial Day 1990
Salmon River Heh-Hah-Walter-Gah (where swim the sweet fish - Iroquois) A Histoy of Use and Misuse 2000 1998  First return of adult Atlantic Salmon. 1997   Natural reproduction of Chinook Salmon documented. 1996   Minimum flow standards e…
This Tablet Is Placed To Honor The Memory Of The Pioneer Settlers And Founders Of This Village By The Monday Historical Club 1910
Pulaski Historic District From Drill Field to Village Core Village Timeline 2000   Log Cabin Motel burned in area of first log cabin. 1983   Historic District formed. 1887   First Long Bridge erected. 1882-1901   Eighteen of the 23 down…
Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski Born — A Polish Nobleman — 1748 Died — An American Soldier Patriot — 1779 He Gave To The United States Of America During Its Struggle For Freedom In The Revolutionary War His Alleg…
Selkirk Lighthouse has been placed on the National Register Of Historic PlacesBy the United States Department of the InteriorBuilt 1838