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Site of gates originally constructed in 1858 to control the inflow of water to the Hydraulic Tunnel and used for mechanical power by three manufacturing establishments. The tunnel was closed in 1954, the gate stems were dismantled, and concrete wa…
Welcome to Ida Fritz Park 1908 2001 Historically, Ida Fritz Park is the oldest park in the City of Lockport, created by the NYS Legislature on May 12, 1876. The by-gone fountain was dedicated in 1891. The 7" cannon was presented to Lockport by Con…
Niagara County Courthouse has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997 by the United States Department of the Interior.
To those who served both God and country
The "Deep Cut" at Lockport Here, only several miles from Lake Erie, Canal engineers faced a major natural barrier. To tap the water of Lake Erie and keep boats afloat, they knew the canal's channel had to flow downhill from the lake. But the blue …
Controlling Water in the Erie Canal Since 1825 it has been necessary to protect the Erie Canal from flooding or low water in the Tonawanda Creek, which has historically been part [of] the canal route. As the canal has evolved since then different …
Original Niagara Grape Vine ————— Result of crossing Concord by Cassady 1868 ————— First fruited 1872 ————— Erected by N.Y. State Hortic…
House at 8 Berkley Drive circa 1956 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Dr. George W. Merchant, a skilled druggist and businessman, purchased this property in 1833. This then became the first home of Gargling Oil. It was here, after a series of experiments, he brought out a medicine to be used in the treatment of cert…
The Watson House circa 1855 National Register of Historic Places