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Known most commonly as White's Hotel, this building has had several different names throughout its history. Built by Botsford Fairman back in 1834, Fairman's Arcade housed a grocery, a bank, an insurance office and more. In 1869, it was sold to Jo…
Est. 1871 Millville Cemetery Early Quaker burial ground 1875 vault and stonewall built of Medina sandstone. Chapel built 1894.
Ridgeway - 1812 Eli Moore opened a tavern on present hotel site 1811. Ridge first Indian trail then stagecoach route.
1833 Servoss-Hagood House National Register of Historic Places A fine example of Greek revival architecture, the Servoss-Hagood House is futher distinguished by its plank-on-plank construction. The home was built by Erie Canal workers, even as the…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Built 1901
← Genesee to Niagara → Historic Ridge Road Trail of the Iroquois Traced by Eli Granger in 1798 Trek - DeWitt Clinton - 1810 Seymour Murdock first permanent settler of the town of Ridgeway located on this property in 1810. One hundred f…
[Counter-clockwise from the side of pentagon that faces the corner] ValorCompany F, World War II. Mustered into Federal Service at Fort McClellan, Alabama, October 23, 1940. Charles N. Morgan, Colonel, Commanding the 108th Infantry, Medina, New Yo…
Grover Cleveland and Oscar Folsom were both Buffalo lawyers and law partners. Upon the untimely death of Oscar Folsom in July, 1875, his young daughter Frances departed the Queen City to live in Medina with her grandmother, Mrs. Ruth Harmon. Franc…
Built in 1864 by Don C. Bent and served as the social center of the village and surrounding area until the early 20th century. At that time the third floor opera house was abandoned. The second floor remained home to a fraternal organization until…
[south side]Frederick Douglass abolitionist and statesman spoke in the Methodist Episcopal church that stood at this place, April 3, 1849 during an extended visit to Orleans County.[north side]Frederick Douglass delivered a renowned address in Me…