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In 1847 George Zent opened the first Brewery in Tonawanda at Hinds and Niagara Streets directly ahead of you on top of the embankment. Lured by the unlimited supply of fresh water from from the Niagara River, economical shipping via the Erie Canal…
The westernmost leg of the Erie Canal completed in 1825 followed a route paralleling the Niagara River between Tonawanda and Buffalo. From where you are standing, the Canal travelled some ten miles through the mostly unsettled Township of Tonawand…
United States Army United States Navy United States Air Force United States Marines United States Coast Guard 1790 Merchant Marines
You are standing on the bed of the Erie Canal, a 363 mile long, 40 ft. wide, 7 ft. deep "ditich" built from 1817 to 1825 that connected Lake Erie waters with the Hudson River and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean. It unleashed a flood of products, peo…
You are standing at the site of Tonawanda's Grand Island Ferry Landing. For nearly a century access to Grand Island was provided by ferry service. The Grand Island Ferry consisted of a tug and scow carrying horses, wagons, automobiles, buses, bicy…
Three Centuries of Commerce The first great ship to pass by this spot was the Griffin built by Robert de La Salle in 1679 near Cayuga Island just around the bend behind Grand Island. She sailed up the Niagara River past this point on her way to Bu…
German Evangelical Church Building erected 1849 Organized by settlers from the Mohawk Valley in 1830. First services held in Dirnberger farm barn, Military Road, later in school house No. 4, Delaware Road. Oldest church society in town of Tonawanda.
Louis P.A. Eberhardt Home Kenmore's founder, Louis Phillip Adolph Eberhardt built this home in 1893-94 and occupied it until 1918 when it was acquired by the YWCA. This brownstone home and its twin, built by LPA's brother Fred, cost $150,000 each.…
Dedicated to the memory of those who made the greatest sacrifice in Vietnam Burton W. Dalke, James P. Saurini Ronald F. Sadler, Mark E. Vanderheld
[center stone] In honored memory of all natives of the city of Tonawanda who have given their lives in the service of their country. A grateful community solemnly promises that the sacrifices of all veterans were not made in vain and that they wil…