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The Medical School, founded in 1846 as the first unit of the University of Buffalo, moved from Washington and Seneca Streets to this site in 1849. The School was housed in a red sandstone building which was the first in Buffalo to be constructed f…
65th Infantry Regiment, The BorinqueneersThe 65th Infantry was created in 1899 by the U.S. Congress as an active unit composed primarily of Puerto Ricans. It went on to serve meritoriously in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Nicknamed…
Panel 1 [upper]: "RUST BUCKET" [Fanciful rendering of a World War II Liberty Ship] Our convoy ships were referred to as the "Rust Bucket Brigade" because they were never in port long enough to get a coat of paint before we wen…
Panel 1: USS The Sullivans DD-537 has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America.
[Rendering of Poland "White Eagle" Coat of Arms and Polish soldiers in action during WWII]This memorial is dedicated to the members of the Polish Armed Forces who gallantly participated in active combat on land, high seas and in the air.…
With the close of World War II, the United States Navy scrapped or sold almost its entire PT Boat fleet. During the next twenty years, differing fast patrol and torpedo/missile armed boat designs were experimented with. However, now new class of f…
Corcoran Legion 2nd Division - 2nd Corps Union Army of the Potomac They fought for freedom and to preserve the Union during the American Civil War Their flag read "We strike for the Union and Constitution"
The second Episcopal Church in Buffalo. Parish organized 1836. Building erected 1886.
Founded 1867, with Millard Fillmore 13th President of U.S., as its first president. Another U.S. President, Grover Cleveland, was a member from 1881-1908. In 1901, after President McKinley's assassination, the club was used as headquarters by his …
In 1842, the world's first steam powered elevator to transfer and store grain opened on this site. Buffalo merchant, Joseph Dart, and machinist, Robert Dunbar, built the elevator following precedents set by Oliver Evans. Its basic principles are s…