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The Jubilee Springs began supplying water to the village of Black Rock in 1827. Wooden water mains fed pumps at various locations throughout the village. Today the spring supplies water to a small pond in Forest Lawn Cemetery. Black Rock Heritage …
Present day Niagara Street was the original route of the first steam railroad in Western New York. Service from Black Rock to Niagara Falls began on August 26, 1836. The New York Central Railroad acquired the line in 1869. Black Rock Heritage Trai…
Black Rock HarborJune 1823 Designated as the western mostPort of the Erie Canal forTransfer of passengers and cargo
Named Squaw Island by the men of LaSalle's expedition in 1679, this island was called Divided Island, "De-dyo-we-no-guh-doh," by the Senecas, referring to a division by marshy creek known as "Smuggler's Run." Presented by the Seneca Nation to Capt…
Early in the morning of December 30, 1813 over 1,000 British troops landed near the foot of present-day Amherst Street and proceeded to burn Black Rock, destroying all homes and buildings. They then marched to Buffalo and burned everything except …
Five vessels of Commodore Perry's fleet were reconditioned on south bank at mouth of Scajaquada Creek.