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Hermit of Leydecker Road William Sheppard CA. 1840-1933 Was thought to be an outlaw of Jesse James' Gang. Roamed town as a scissors grinder.
St. Peter's UCC Completed in 1857 by a group of immigrants from Germany, services were held in German until 1929. Church moved from road in 1980.
Their war asked nothing of most, But everything from the few. They stood alone to face the fight, And suffer in silence. Their courage is written in blood and pain, But their memory is etched on our hearts with love. To remember often hurts, But w…
Dedicated to the honor and sacrifice of our men and women who served our country in all wars ★ ★ ★ Let · none · forget they · gave · their · all and · faltered · not when · …
Community of True Inspiration Residence has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013 by the United States Department of the Interior William G. Pomeroy Foundation 2013
Built circa 1850 by The Community of True Inspiration, a German speaking religious sect. Became museum in 1956.
Model 1897 10 Barrels 30 Caliber #1075Built by Colt Firearms Mfg. Co. Delivered to the U.S. Army August 29, 1898Donated to West Seneca In 1922Supervisor Henry C. LeinRestored in 2003 By Ron Fultz Roger HarrisEd Kowalewski Rich Raimers Supervisor P…
Largest post Revolutionary Seneca Indian village occupied this site 1780-1840
In an effort to regain the initiative lost at Queenston, the Americans planned a general invasion for 28 November 1812. Before dawn advance parties crossed the Niagara River to cut communications between Fort Erie and Chippawa and to silence the B…
Born 1839 Dec. 12 Died 1906 March 21On April 26, 1865 3 miles from Port Royal Virginia, Private Ulrich, one of 25 men of Company E - 16th New York (Lincoln's Avenger) Cavalry, captured John Wilkes Booth the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln.