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In memory of those from this community who served our country, especially those who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. 1950 Korea 1955 Ralph E. Baker, Cpl. Army, KIA 5 May 1951 1961 Vietnam 1975 James A. Marshall, 1Lt. USAF, MIA 18 June 1…
[encircling] Independence, Justice, Liberty [front & back] Arcadia War Memorial, Dedicated to the memory of our soldiers - sailors and marines of all wars World War II Vincent L. Finewood, U.S.A. 1945; Albert N. Fisher, France 1945; Charles J. Fr…
The Fox Sisters On this site event of March 31, 1848 began sisters Maggie and Kate Fox's central role in the origin of modern spiritualism
The Birthplace of Modern Spiritualism Upon thi site stood the Hydesville cottage, the home of the Fox sisters, through whose mediumship communication wiht the spirit world was established March 31, 1848. Ther eis no death. There are no dead.
Lockville Erie Canal hamlet on this site incorporated in 1839 as village of Arcadia. Joined Newark in 1853. Row buildings of the period.
The Lockville Locks in Newark Lock 59, about 300 feet away and across Clinton Street was part of the Enlarged Erie Canal, built between 1839 and 1841 in a section of town once known as Upper Lockville. Its two sister locks 58 and 57, were located …
A Vast Enterprise The Erie Canal was a vast commercial enterprise that required an army of men, women, and children to maintain and operate: surveyors, engineers, lock tenders, toll collectors, bridge operators, repair crews, and bank patroll…
Rear Admiral Leslie E. Gehres Born Newark, NY September 23, 1898. Died May 15, 1975. Dedicated in recognition of Rear Admiral Leslie E. Gehres, leading U.S. naval hero of World War II, for extraordinary heroism as Captain of the aircraft carrier U…
Joseph Miller On this site stood the home of Joseph Miller who founded Newark in 1819 and built local section of Erie Canal Ca. 1822.
Mora Motor Car Est. 1906 by Samuel H. Mora. Automobiles manufacturesd on this site 1908-1911. Hallagan Fine Furniture located here since 1913.