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West of Genesee River built 1700 feet due south, home of "Indian" Allen, 1786, and Peter Sheffer, settler, 1789
Scottsville & Genesee River Canal In the 1830s, farmers and businessmen built a railroad and canal to get their crops, gypsum, and flour from the mills in Caledonia, Mumford, Wheatland Center, and Garbutt to the Genesee River, Rochester, and the E…
A Railroad Takes Over the Canal The Genesee Valley Canal Railroad purchased the Genesee Valley Canal after it closed in 1878 or $100 a mile and began building tracks on the canal's towpath. By the time the line was opened here at Scottsville on J…
First Scottsville settler from whom Scottsville derives its name buried here. Built log house on present Main Street in 1791.
Built 1838 by Isaac Cox cobblestones selected for size by passing them thru iron rings.
Findley McArthur and son built 20x30 cabin 1803-1805 of oak & poplar from farm. Sen. McNaughton's office attached on east side.
Revolutionary War captain, first settler in Chili in 1792. Supplied seed grain to whole region and set out one of first orchards.
The Chili District No. 4 School was built in 1848 and operated as such until 1952. On September 19, 1965, it was dedicated as a museum.Established by legislation passed February 22, 1822, the Township of Chili is believed to have been named after …
Quaker Meeting House built and used by the Orthodox Quakers 1834-54 by Hicksites 1854-1873 Grange Hall 1937
Quaker Meeting House Town of Wheatland Frame Building 1827 used until 1854 by Hicksites