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Built by Simeon Parks April 1813, who cleared a large tract of land. Famous plank road went by here. State Department of Education 1935
Site of Home and Laboratory of Fred M. Locke Father of the Porcelain Insulator
Although the Seneca were successful hunters and gatherers, they were famed for their horticulture. Up until colonial times Seneca cultivators were primarily women, and the plant world was associated with their aspect of life. Central to Seneca mat…
In the Seneca language, Ganodagen means White Town. In Seneca tradition the color white is linked to the ideas of peace purity and truth. The translation preferred by Seneca today is Town of Peace. Seneca Traditionalists connect this town with the…
Opened stagecoach inn here Dec. 25, 1815. Original Inn sign had masonic emblem. Soldiers of War of 1812 gathered on this site.
Mother of Nations met and advised the Peacemaker on formation of Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy ca. 900 AD. She is buried nearby.
Alfred Milton Mead was born on November 21, 1856 in Macedon Center to John and Emma Cookingham Mead. He graduated from Macedon Center Academy in 1876 and Buffalo Medical School in 1880. In March of 1880, he began his practice in the village of Vic…
Traversed by French Army of Denonville, 1687. Here were Seneca lodges where friendly Indian followers of trail were welcomed.
In this valley called by the Indians Dya-go-di-ya (Place of the Battle), the first division of De Nonville's army was ambushed by Seneca warriors July 13, 1687.With his second division the French leader overawed the Senecas, who fled, burning thei…
Promoter of Peace - Respecter of Treaties - Defender of Righteousness - Valiant Warrior Leader of Indian Forces, forming one-third of the army of the De Nonville Expedition which passed (1687) along this Indian Trail. "I cannot speak too highly…