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"Gokey Fire" A fire here in March 1910, fought by volunteers, took the lives of two firemen and destroyed the Gokey Shoe Company, the Gokey Building and the Sherman House across Third Street. It led to a paid City fire Department.
Celoron Veterans MemorialWorld War I Herman Faulkner, Herman Kent World War II Cyrus M. Greiner, Harold Lind Kermit Miller, Ronald H. Ramsey Harold Seekins, Boon Takagi Howard A. Wheeler, Gilbert Yasher Korea William H. Lawson, Jules T. Bouckhuyt …
1849-1859, Clarissa D. Wheeler, Founder and Head
The Jamestown Underground Railroad Tableau honors Silas Shearman 1803 - 1891, harness maker, abolitionist, conductor, acknowledged leader of the UGRR line through Jamestown, NY. Catherine Harris 1809 - 1907, free black woman, wife, mother, domesti…
Charles Justin Bailey June 21, 1859 September 21, 1946 He served forty six years in the regular Army of the United States in every grade from Cadet to Major General and commanded a division in the American Expeditionary Forces in France in 1918. I…
Erected in Honor of those from Jamestown who answered the call of their country and gave their lives in the World War in defense of the liberties of mankind
Here The First School House the "Prendergast Academy" was built in 1816. Church services were held here until The First Church was erected in 1829 on the same site by "The First Congregational Church and Society" organized in 1816. The church st…
Jamestown Architectural Heritage413 N. Main Street Second Empire Designed by Milton Earl Beebe Buffalo Architect Built in 1881 - 1882 for George Washington Tew President of City National Bank in 1880 Tew Mansion was later purchased by Jamestown Cl…
This memorial and the elm trees on these grounds are dedicated to the memory of those from Jamestown who answered the call of their country and gave their lives in the World War, 1917 - 1918.
Baker Park Colonel Henry Baker came to this region as a young man after serving in the United States Army during the War of 1812. A prominent and influential local businessman, farmer, politician and patriot, he and his wife, Maria (Fish) Baker do…