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Indian Camp Part of the Cornplanter band of Seneca Indians camped on this hillside and adjoining river terrace in the period between the Indians' sale of their land in 1797 and their final retreat to reservations in the 1830's.
Celeron Expedition Captain Pierre Joseph Celeron de Blainville in 1749 with a force of 213 soldiers and Indians traveled down Chautauqua Lake and the Chadakoin River to the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers renewing the French claim to the watershed.
Steamboat Landing From here beginning in 1828, fifteen two and three decked steamboats plied the waters of Chautauqua Lake carrying up to a quarter million passengers in a single season to hotel docks, picnic and entertainment sites.
American Revolution In early summer of 1782 a force of 250 Senecas led by Sayengaraghta and accompanied by a few British military foresters and Indian Department officers passed along Chautauqua Lake and outlet on its way to attack Hannastown, PA.…
De Longueuil Expedition Baron de Longueuil in 1739 led a force of soldiers and Indians from Montreal down the Chadakoin to the Mississippi. Expedition engineer Chaussegros de Lery, made the first professional map of Chautauqua Lake, the first use …
Log Cabin 1810 Here John Blowers built first home in Jamestown and Mary Blowers' first white child was born that winter
Broadhead Power House 1910 Electric power was an essential element in the Broadhead Brothers trolley lines in the city of Jamestown and the trolley lines that ran on both sides of Lake Chautauqua connecting Jamestown to Westfield and the New York …
Site of the New York State Armory The Fenton Guards. Organized in 1875 by Swedish immigrants. Was the local National Guard unit which occupied the first armory here in 1888.
Site of Crescent Tool Company Founded 1907 by Karl Peterson Developed, manufactured Crescent adjustable wrench and assorted hand tools internationally known. 1931 introduced crestoloy, an alloy metal. Acquired in 1968 by Cooper Industries.
Jamestown Shale Paving Brick Co. ca 1893 - ca 1935 Shale, quarried here, was sent by conveyor across the river where up to fifteen million bricks per year were produced for markets that included Jamestown's red brick streets. Deterioration of the …