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Given by the Corning Co. this land, first the Public Square, then Canfield Park, has hosted a school, parks, churches, and a courthouse.
Organized August 19, 1812, this structure, constructed of local stone in 1867, is the oldest church building in Corning.
Historic Structure of Corning's Southside Neighborhood
F. Carder (1863-1963) Co-founder Steuben Glass Works in 1903 and became a community leader and world-famous glass maker.
Block 66, set aside by the Corning Co. in 1840 as a public square, has housed a school, churches, and courthouses. Constructed from 1905-1909, the popularly known Courthouse Park was renamed Canfield Park in 1944, in honor of the city engineer who…
Corning was a railroad town well into the 1900's beginning with the corning-Blossburg Railroad in 1839. In 1849 the Erie Railroad was built through the village. In 1881 the DL&W came to Corning via Gibson and the Northside. The Corning-Blossburg R…
The third floor of this 1885 building served as a large dance hall where Irene and Vernon Castle, darlings of the Dance Mode in America during 1914-1915, became a weekly feature. In 1965, the exterior of this building was completely covered ove…
During the 150th anniversary of Corning Incorporated's history in the year 2001 our community presents this David Dowler Sculpture commemorating the 1868 unloading of the company's first machinery at this site. Thus began an alliance with the comm…
This building, which houses Galvin and Haines Insurance Company, is extraordinarily elaborate in its fine terra cotta detailing—most notably the famous "Owl of Market Street," perched on top of the pedimented cornice. Known as …
In recognition of its historical and architectural importance, Market Street has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The street is composed of fine examples of late 19th Century commercial buildings rehabilitated as part of a …