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Built in 1851, this building, one of the oldest on Market Street, has been substantially altered from its original three storied Greek Revival style. It is constructed of brick and is one of the few buildings surviving the disastrous fires of the …
Delaware Indian town—1750's-1764. Site of 1760 Indian conference with Moravian agents, Christian F. Post and John Hays about the "forbidden path."
The Southern Tier Roller Mills maintained operations here until 1918. Eight years later the building was purchased by the Corning Glass Works and in 1930 became the club house for employee recreational facilities. After these activities were trans…
Erastus Corning and othersbegan a community here in1835. It incorporated as avillage in 1848 and as acity in 1890.
In 1866 the Waco Bridge Company was granted a 25 year charter to build a toll bridge here. The charter guaranteed that no other bridge or ferry could be built within five miles. Construction began in 1868 and, after much financial difficulty, was …
In 1849 the Erie RR beganrunning through Corning onthis street, then calledErie Avenue. The trackswere removed in 1952.
1796 Painted Post TavernBuilt by Chas. Williamson,Pulteney Land Ass'n Agent-named in 1976 for the firstinnkeeper, Benjamin Patterson.