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Chateau Frank 9683 Middle Rd. Hammondsport, N.Y. This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Property built in 1886
1908When Glenn Curtiss flew the June Bug here in Pleasant Valley on July 4, 1908, he made American aviation history.With Curtiss at the controls, the June Bug rose into the air, leveled off at a height of about 40 feet, and flew east toward Keuka …
1878-1930This modest cemetery is the final resting place of Hammondsport native Glenn Hammond Curtiss, an American hero.Glenn Curtiss was a man who liked to go fast. His personal quest for speed began with building and racing bicycles and motorcyc…
1900 - 1904Glen Curtiss found his first success in the bicycle business.Bicycle racer and mechanical whiz, Glenn Curtiss, opened his first shop in 1900, directly across the street from where you are now standing. Here Curtiss repaired and sold bic…
Here Glenn H. CurtissPiloted "The June Bug"July 4, 1908First Kilometer Flight
Born Hammondsport 1878early maker of motorcycleand airplane engines - flewsuccessfully airplanes andhydroplanes here 1908-1911