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Beaver Countys first highway constructed 1778 by General Lachlan McIntosh as a supply route from Fort Pitt to Fort McIntosh Colonel Daniel Broadhead succeeded to the command of the fort in 1779 and his name was associated with the road.
Founded 1848 by Dr. Edward Acker. Used hydrotherapy or water to heal. First hospital in Beaver County. Town's first Post Office, 1856.Phillipsburg soldiers orphans school founded 1866 by Reverend William Taylor. Destroyed by fire 1876.
Endowed by A Louis Thiel and founded in 1866 as Thiel Hall by Reverend William A. Passavant. Chartered in 1870 as Thiel College of the Evangelical Lutheran Church with Reverend Henry W. Roth as first president. Moved to Greenville, Pennsylvania in…
The Grand Trunk was incorporated in 1853 to run from Sarnia to Portland, Maine. Although it took over existing lines, new ones had to be built, including sections of the key Toronto to Montréal line completed by the noted English engineerin…
Constructed in 1832 by separatists from the Harmony Society, under the leadership of Count Maximilian DeLeon, organized as New Philadephia Society. 1840-First School Built. 1850-First Pipe Organ in Beaver County.
Founded 1832 by dissadent members of the Harmony Society of Economy. The house on this corner was the home of the society leader Count Maxmillian DeLeon and is believed to be the oldest house in Monaca.