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African American jazz balladeer and bandleader whose innovative style and sponsorship of new talent helped revolutionize jazz in the 1940s. One of the nation's most popular vocalists, he had 11 gold records. He grew up in this house.
Here at the Cardwell School of Music, this first national Black opera company was founded in 1941 by Mary Cardwell Dawson. Noted for its musical genius, it performed for 21 years in Pittsburgh, Washington, New York, and other cities.
Famed jazz composer and pianist. A child prodigy, she grew up in this city; went to Lincoln School here, 1919-1923. Played for Andy Kirk in 1930s; then arranged music for Duke Ellington and others. Major works include "Zodiac Suite" and "Mary Lou'…
At this site in December 1913, Gulf Refining Company opened the first drive-in facility designed and built to provide gasoline, oils, and lubricants to the motoring public. Its success led to construction of thousands of gas stations by different …