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The Ariel, Porcupine,Scorpion and Tigress,gunboats of Commodore Perry,in the Battle of Lake Erie, Sep. 10, 1813,were built on the bay front, 100 yards northof this spot, early in the same year.
Cascade Creek is the last of Erie's three original creeks. Its western location saved it from being completely compromised by urbanization. Cascade Creek flows along the bayfront parkway and into a delta behind the western dock. In 1813, Daniel Do…
The Lawrence and Niagara, Flagships of Commodore Perry,in the Battle of Lake Erie, Sep. 10, 1813, were built on the bay front, 100 yards north of this spot, early in the same year.
Site ofFrench Fort de la Presqu'Isle - 1753British Fort Presque Isle - 1760
In Memory ofGeneral Anthony WayneWho Died Here Dec. 15th, 1796
On the Soldiers and Sailors Home grounds near the foot of this street is a restored blockhouse on the site of American Fort Presque Isle. It is the original burial place of General Wayne, who died there on December 15, 1796.
These skilled seamen were among those who enabled Oliver Hazard Perry to defeat & capture a British Squadron, Sept. 10, 1813. Their participation - critical to victory - secured a place for African Americans in the region's history.
Restored flagship of Capt. Oliver Hazard Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813.
Erie merchant mariner, naval officer, born in Mifflin County. Captured by the British during the War of 1812, Dobbins escaped, went to Washington to report the fall of Forts Mackinac and Detroit. Appointed a sailing master in the US Navy, he retur…
On this site June 3, 1825, the great French & American patriot, Marquis de La Fayette (1757-1834), a Major General and aide to General George Washington during the American Revolution, was entertained in the French Street home of Erie Pioneer Juda…