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County seat for McKean County since 1807, when land agent Francis King surveyed town lots. The first cabin was built in 1811 by Arnold Hunter; but permanent settlement was delayed until 1822. First courthouse built in 1827.
The steam ferryboat "Berkeley" was the first successful west coast-built and operated ferry to be driven by a screw propeller as opposed to side-wheels. Built by the famous Union Iron Works of San Francisco in 1898, the ferry operated until 1958 a…
Originally begun in 1881 for the New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad to ship coal, lumber, and oil, it was once the world's highest and longest rail viaduct. Rebuilt in 1900 to carry heavier loads, it was in service until 1959. Kinzua Bridge St…
Formed March 26, 1804 out of Lycoming County. Named for Governor Thomas McKean. Smethport, the county seat, was incorporated 1853; here the "Bucktails," famed Civil War regiment, assembled in 1861. Oil, gas and lumber spurred the county's early ec…
At the call of Colonel Thomas L. Kane, 100 Civil War volunteers assembled here on April 24, 1861, to go to Harrisburg. Tails of buck deer, worn as distinctive insignia, provided the name of the famed 42d Regiment, of which they were the core.