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Throughout the 19th Century, lumbering on the Susquehanna River was a major industry. Logs were cut from the forests in the northern part of the state and floated down river to sawmills at Harrisburg and points further south. a popular place where…
A tract of 1272 acres, now this part of Harrisburg, was first surveyed in 1732 for Thomas Penn, and was known as Paxtang Manor. It was sole, 1760, to three colonial settlers; Thomas Simpson, Thomas Forester, Thomas McKee.
Botanist, educator, author, civic leader, conservationist, activist. She served on the State Forestry Reservation Commission, 1901-13. she catalyzed the birth of Harrisburg's "City Beautiful" movement in a speech to the Board of Trade, Dec. 20, 19…
By the end of the 19th Century, Harrisburg's distinction as State Capital, transportation center and nucleus of industry unleashed development energy to keep pace with the pressing need for housing in the rapidly growing city. Builders emerged to …
Opposite is the present home of the Governor of Pennsylvania. Designed in the Georgian Revival style, it was completed in 1968 and is the third official executive residence in Harrisburg. "Keystone Hall," an earlier Governor's residence, located f…