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On This Spot Were Found Three Babes in the Woods Nov. - 24 - 1934
By 1846, tax records show a two-story house on this lot. Anthony Byers purchased the property in 1851, and during his ownership it evolved into the Italianate Victorian gem you see today. The house retains much of its architectural integrity, incl…
In June of 1762 a representative from the Big Spring Associate Presbyterian congregation was "craving support of sermon" from Presbytery. This congregation first worshiped on the east side of the Big Spring. Known as the "the tent," their house of…
This is the site of Pine Grove Furnace Prisoner of War Interrogation Camp (1943-1945). Here the U.S War Department operated a clandestine facility where intelligence officers interrogated enemy prisoners. During its thirty-month existence, thousan…
Grist mill built about 1763 by William Laughlin. Owned by his family until 1896. Preserved by Ethel T. McCarthy. The oldest such structure remaining in this region
The Pennsylvania State Police Training School, first of its kind in the nation, was established here in 1920 at the old Big Spring Hotel, which stood nearby. In 1923 the location of the school was transferred to Hershey, in Dauphin County.
This land was first deeded to Jeremiah McKibben in 1791. It passed through several owners until 1846 when Thompson Galbraith and Thomas Paxton sold the land containing a 2-story brick tavern to Peter A. Ahl. Because of its proximity to the railr…
In September of 1910 the Cumberland Railway Co. began trolley service between Newville and Carlisle. The cars left Newville and Carlisle every hour on the hour from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. Each trolley carried a motorman and a conductor whose dutie…
Rea, Gracy & Company, also known as the Newville Deposit Bank, was founded in 1857. Following the passage of the National Banking Act, the First National Bank Newville was chartered in July of 1863 as the 60th National Bank in the U.S. The company…
Erected by the State ofPennsylvaniain memory ofWilliam Denningthe patriotic blacksmith andforger of wrought iron cannonduring the Revolutionary WarBorn 1737 - Died 1830