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This flag pole is dedicated to the men and women veterans of York County by the Joint Veterans Council to honor all living and departed veterans. May the Stars and Stripes fly forever from this pole as a symbol of freedom as it did in the …
A tribute to Combat Wounded Veterans who gave so much of themselves in all wars Purple Heart Medal Est. 1782 Dedicated May 30, 2001
Dedicated to the everlasting memory of those who sacrificed their lives on the altar of freedom in all wars. To those who served our country in time of war for the freedom of all men everywhere They gave their today for our tomorrow. Hono…
Inspired by a Gold Star Mother's love for her fallen son, the Veterans Memorial Star Healing & Peace Garden is a thoughtfully designed commemorative arboretum dedicated to all who serve in the United States Armed Forces. This living monument is a …
Here, at a nursery located on Springwood Farms, a new variety of apple was propagated by Jonathan Jessop in 1820. In 1855 it was named the "York Imperial." It became a leading variety which was widely grown in the U.S.
Built in 1860 by Charles Billmeyer, railroad car manufacturer. Noted for its hand-painted ceiling and exquisite interior ornamentation, building is outstanding example of mansion-type Victorian architecture.
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to Continental Congress, Colonel of Associators, lawyer and ironmaster, lies buried in this churchyard.
Laid out in 1741, by order of the Proprietors; the first Pennsylvania town west of the Susquehanna River. Seat of the Continental Congress, 1777-78; birthplace of the Articles of Confederation.