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Dedicated by the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce in memory of John Augustus Sutter who founded California's capital, the City of Sacramento August 12, 1839. The fort which he established is today a shrine containing historical relics of the gold ru…
Built c. 1740 by Peter Grubb, pioneer ironmaster at nearby Cornwall Furnace, and named for the Upper and Lower Hopewell Forges located on Hammer Creek near the house. Remnants of the forge dams may still be seen in the creek.
His generosity interest in human welfare and love for Lititz, his boyhood home, made possible the restoration and development of this park.Established in 1843 by the Moravian Congregation, the park was given to the community of Lititz in 1956.
Settled during 1740's, Moravians established here a "land Gemeine," or country congregation in 1756. It was named by Count Zinzendorf after a Bohemian town which sheltered persecuted Moravians in 1456.
Dedicated in 1971Moravian Church SquareEstablished in 1757In memory of the many men and women of past and present generations who served faithfully in the Moravian Congregation to make our heritage possible.
who died in this building when it was used by order of General Washington as a military hospital from Dec. 19, 1777 to Aug. 28, 1778. This tablet is erected by the Lititz Moravian Congregationof the 450 men quartered here, there died 120, of whom …
For the use of Medical Department of the "Army of the Federated States of America," was compiled by Physician-General William Brown in Lititz, and published in Philadelphia, in 1778. It was the first American Formulary and a pioneer effort at the …
1749 - 250th Anniversary - 1999In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things love.The Warwick Gemeinhaus was consecrated February 9, 1749. This date serves as the founding date for the Warwick Congregation, which on August 20, 1755…
Established the first pretzel bakery in the New World. This tablet dedicated by The National Pretzel Bakers Institute May 1951 Alex V. Tisdale, Pres.
who preserved the freedom won by America's first veterans that are buried here. 1776 - 1999