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Site of house occupied 1751-1781, by Edward Shippen; lawyer, judge, Chairman Committee of Observation, and grand-father of Peggy Shippen Arnold. An earlier occupant was Thomas Cookson, first Burgess of Lancaster Borough.
One of the best surviving structures of its type. Original east end built about 1725 by Benjamin Witmer, agent for the London Land Company. Passed on to his son, tavern-keeper John Witmer. Enlarged by Henry Witmer, 1773. Family was prominent in ma…
Martin Meylin, 1670-1749, gunsmith of Switzerland settled here in the Pequea Valley in 1710 and made in this gun shop the earliest known Pennsylvania or so called Kentucky Rifle. He was the first of a group of Lancaster County rifle makers who …
Soldier of the Revolution, Adjutant General & friend of Washington. Born in Clydruff, Ireland. He first fought for British rights, then for American liberty. Lancaster County's Historical Society erected this tablet Sept. 20, A.D. 1912, to honor a…
Name of Colonial mansion of Edward Hand. Adjutant General of the Continental Army, and notable Lancaster physician. George Washington was entertained here in 1791. The old mansion is about a half mile to the southeast.
Soldier, ardent patriot, jurist, and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, settled at Lancaster about 1751. Site of his country house, now marked by monument, is on Ross Street, nine blocks north. Died 1779.
This house, of true Georgian style, was built about 1750. The ground was purchased by Thomas Poultney, merchant, in 1749, John Passmore, first mayor of Lancaster, occupied the house at one time.
Congregation traces its origin to 1742. The first regular pastor was Rev. John D. Woodhull, Revolutionary patriot. First building completed here in 1770; present edifice dedicated 1851. James Buchanan, 15th President of the U.S., was a member.
Chairman of Committee of Safetyduring American RevolutionChief Burgess of LancasterJudge of first Supreme Court ofPennsylvaniaWarden and Vestryman ofSt. James Church
Served throughout theRevolutionary WarFought in Battles ofLake ChamplainPrinceton and YorktownChief Burgess of LancasterMember of St. James Church