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Born in Lancaster, Nov. 8, 1883. Demuth achieved international fame for his precise modernist paintings including "My Egypt" and "I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold." He traveled in the U.S. and abroad but resided after 1889 in this house. Here he died in…
Built in 1852 and named Fulton Hall in honor of Robert Fulton. It is considered an excellent example of the 19th century "Opera House." For more than 75 years, every major star of the American theatre appeared on its stage.
Founded in 1730. a session for an Indian treaty was held in the original church building in 1762. The present edifice was dedicated in 1766. Here are interred the remains of Thomas Wharton (1778) and Gov. Thomas Mifflin (1800).
This long building was used as military stables during the Revolution. On opposite side of street, stood the Barracks where British and Hessians were imprisoned during that period.