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At White's Hotel near here, on Dec. 27, 1824, local citizens gathered to found Lafayette College. One of their leaders, James Madison Porter, had recently met Lafayette during the French general's well-received American tour of 1824-25, that reviv…
This major expedition of the Revolution aimed at the Indian-Tory alliance in New York, was organized at Easton under Gen. John Sullivan. Over a month's preparations preceded the first day's march, begun near here June 18, 1779.
This canal's 47 miles from Mauch Chunk to Easton were constructed 1827-1829. Here the Lehigh Canal connected with the Delaware Canal to Philadelphia, and with the Morris Canal to New York. Vital to the transport of anthracite coal and to the rise …
Formed March 11, 1752 out of Bucks County. Named for Northamptonshire in England. Easton, county seat, was incorporated in 1789. County is noted as a leading center for the steel industry and for cement and slate production.