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This African-American evangelist opened a mission about 1900 at 738 North Penn Street, where she preached until her death. In 1914 her mission became the first home of St. James A.M.E. Zion Church, which was built at this location in 1936.
Built, 1769-70, by James Allen, son of Allentown's founder, William Allen. Later known as the Livingston Mansion. In 1848 it became Allentown Seminary, and in 1867 part of Muhlenberg College. Now the home of the Lehigh County Historical Society.
Founded 1762 by the noted colonial leader and jurist, William Allen. Known until 1834 as Northampton. Here the Liberty Bell was hidden in 1777, and Revolutionary wounded hospitalized. City incorporation, 1867. Long a textile and cement center.