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This monument with the following inscription is designed from the one erected by the Americans of Bogata U.S. Columbia. The Americans in Bogata erect this monument, to the memory of their late-friend & countryman. The Hon. Benj. Alden Bi…
One of the oldest trees on the estate, this giant sugar maple was planted in the late 1800s by General William Tecumseh Sherman, a friend of James Pinchot and frequent house guest. We don't tap this tree, but did you know it takes 32 - 40 gallons …
In honor of Judge John Biddis founder of Milford, Pennsylvania in 1796. He named Milford after a town in Wales, the home of his ancestors. Judge Biddis was one of the first four circuit judges appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania. Assigned t…
Sculpted from blocks of bluestone in 1911 for the Village Improvement Association. This fountain was erected originally at curbside, to provide drinking water to horses in front, pedestrians in back and dogs on either side.
Built 1814-15, Courts of Pike County 1815-1874. First Church service of First Presbyterian Church 1823, The Methodist Church 1826, The Episcopal Church 1866, Pike County Jail 1816.
Dedicated in honor and memory of the Soldiers and Sailors from Pike County, Pennsylvania who answered our country's call to arms in wars of our nation
The noted forester, conservationist and Governor of Pennsylvania two terms in 1923-27; 1931-35, had his ancestral home at Gray Towers, Milford. Born in Connecticut, 1865 of a long line of pioneers of this region. Died on October 4, 1946.
Noted forester, conservationist and progressive leader. Chief, 1898-1910, U.S. Forest Service (as renamed in 1905 ). Governor of Pennsylvania, two terms, 1923-1927 & 1931-1935. His first term brought major governmental reorganization. His second t…
Here an important Indian trail connecting the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers ascended Indian Point to Powwow Hill. the path was used by Delaware Indians in their migration to the Wyoming Valley, and later by Connecticut settlers.
This outdoor dining pool was the inspired idea of Cornelia Bryce Pinchot, wife of Governor Pinchot.Cornelia worked closely with New York architect William Lawrence Bottomley in the early 1930's to design an intimate social setting for discussing t…