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This TabletCommemoratesTheSwedish ColonistsWho SettledThis Area In1641Dedicated byPrincess ChristinaJune 12, 1965
In appreciation of loyal servicerendered in the World War Franklin Fire CompanyHanley Hose CompanyMoyamensing Hook & Ladder CompanyGood Will Fire CompanyFelton Fire Company
Georgian Colonial design. Built in 1724, restored in 1920. In use for Chester County till 1786, for Delaware County, 1789-1851. Later used as City Hall. Oldest public building in continuous use in U. S.
King lived three years in this community and ministered under the mentorship of J. Pius Barbour. He graduated from Crozer Theological Seminary, 1951. A leader of the 1963 March on Washington, King won a Nobel Peace Prize, 1964.
Whose first act upon landing in the New World, on October 12, 1492 was to give thanks to God for safe deliverance. Presented to the City of Chester in the year of our Lord 1955 by the Italian-American Associations and citizens of Chester and vi…
Top PlaqueJohn MortonSigner of theDeclaration of Independence1724 - 1777 Center PlaqueJohn MortonSigner of the Declarationof Independenceplaced byDescendants of the Signers of theDeclaration of Independence, Inc. Bottom PlaqueJohn Morton1724…
Site of first St. Paul's Episcopal Church, built in 1702. The grave of John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is located just south of here.
During WWII, Sun was the largest single shipyard in the world, with over 35,000 employees. It introduced the all-welded ship, which significantly increased ship production, and th T-2 oil tanker, which became the standard at all US shipyards. Sun …
Here in 1675, William Edmundson convened the first recorded meeting for worship of Friends (Quakers) within present Pennsylvania. This was at the home of Robert Wade, who in 1682 greeted William Penn upon his arrival in Chester.